International Podcast Month

IPM2019 E08 - RPG One-Shot: Blades in the Dark

Episode Summary

International Podcast Month: Join the Broomstick Banshees as they sneak into Lord Kinclaith's private gala on a mission to rescue a young engineer from a life of underpaid contract work! Will there be Action? Probably. Intrigue? Hopefully. An epic boat chase through the canals letting our heroes escape by the skin of their teeth but leaving someone injured cradled in the arms of a friend? Our ratings can only hope.

Episode Notes

Join as Waffles (Mouse Guardians, Iron Hides) takes Paulomi (Mouse Guardians, Iron Hides, Tales from Thedas), Bethany (DnD Raw), Meghan (Modifier, Tales from Thedas, and and Becca (Fate and the Fablemaidens) for a night of dashing adventure in Blades In The Dark, by John Harper.