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E10 NF: The Magpies Podcast - Accessibility in RPGs (2019)

Episode Summary

In this episode, Fay, Mimsy, and Rhi dive deep into how the RPG community can become a more accessible and welcoming space for disabled players, GMs, and designers. Learn about some of the excellent work that Fay and Mimsy are already doing in this space, and leave with plenty of ideas on how to play, run, and make games that are better for all players.

Episode Notes

Fay Onyx (ze/hir)
Writing Alchemy (Fay’s website)
Fay’s Twitter
Fay’s Facebook
Article Reference: Blindfolding People Doesn’t Help Them Understand Blind People via

Mimsy Dorsey (they/them)
Mimsy’s Facebook
Social model of disability

Rhi (she/her)
The Magpies: A Blades in the Dark Actual Play Podcast
Skill Check: Copy Editing and Accessibility Consulting for the RPG Community
Rhi’s Twitter

Web Accessibility Resource:
FATE Accessibility Toolkit


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