International Podcast Month

E52 AD: Queer Dungeoneers - Masks: The Moon Hunter (2019)

Episode Summary

Masks: The Moon Hunter - A Queer Dungeoneers Minisode

Episode Notes

Music in order of appearance:

“Liptis,” “One Dirty Sleeve,” “Waypoint 7,” “Catcher Textile,” “Drifting Spade,” “Dasher,” “Pukae,” “Paper Feathers,” and “Easement” by Blue Dot Sessions (

The character of Danny, writing, performance, editing and sound production by Ursula Huxtable.

The characters of Ansel, Kaz, Billy, Lady Ash and Dr Sam Richardson belong to their respective players and the GM, and the setting was collaboratively written by all participants of our Masks home game. Moonshot was co-written by Ursula and GM Scarlett. Masks was created by Magpie Games.